Yoga of Connection: RRC’s Retreat for Emerging Jewish and Muslim Religious Leaders June 13-16th

“Yoga, Dance and Music as Epistemology, Healing and Transformation” Study and Seminar at RRC’s Retreat for Emerging Jewish and Muslim Religious Leaders, June 13-16, 2011 at Trinity Conference Center, West Cornwall, Connecticut


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Updated Yoga and Workshop Schedule

High Falls Yoga Spring/Summer 2011

High Falls Yoga and Moving Arts Spring/Summer

2011 Schedule

1465 State Route 213, High Falls, NY 12440


A Kripalu Affiliated Yoga Studio

$15 per Yoga class

$10 per Zumba class

*Memorial Day Schedule: Monday May 30, 2011

9:00am-10:30am Yoga

10:35am-11:35am Zumba

Sundays: 9:30am-11:00am Gentle/Moderate Kripalu Yoga

Mondays: 5:30pm-6:30pm Zumba

Saturday: Once a month: 9:30am-11:00am Shabbatsana Gentle Kripalu Yoga/Shabbat Liturgy Chanting

Spring/Summer 2011 Workshop Schedule

Yoga of Connection: Emerging Jewish and Muslim Leaders, Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, Leadership Conference, June 13-16, 2011.

Previous Workshops:

Dance Through the Chakras or Twists: A Practice for Vitality and Cleansing: Sunday, May 13: 3:00pm-4:30pm. SUNY New Paltz, Elting Yoga Center.

Engaged Chakra Workshop: Art, Sound and Taking it into your Asana Practice: Saturday, April 9 Time: 10:30am-12:30pm, SUNY New Paltz, Elting Yoga Center.

Keynote Speaker, “Nourishing the Light of Leadership” for SUNY New Paltz Student Leadership Conference: Sunday April 3 at SUNY New Paltz, Student Union Center, 11:45am.

Chakras and Yoga Practice: A Chakra Yoga Experience: Sunday, February 27 at SUNY New Paltz. Time: 3:00pm-5:00pm

Continue to check blog for additional classes, upcoming events and workshops!

Workshops offered include the following:

*The Inquiry of Yoga: Come on a journey of inquiry through the exploration of yoga’s most foundational poses. Develop and explore a way to practice yoga that is ‘your way’, not necessarily ‘the right way’. We’ll move into the investigation by exploring breath, movement, using props while listening to the body’s innate guidance, finding ‘your’ yoga practice.

*Steady Breath, Steady Mind: Pranyama and Breathing Practice: Experience a ‘stillness and quieting’ of the mind while practicing ujjayi and dirgha breathing techniques and learn how expanding into breath creates calm, spaciousness and your natural state of good health. We will learn various yogic breathing patterns for wellness to integrate into your day to day life.

*Chakras and Yoga Practice: A Chakra Yoga Experience: Through this introduction to the chakras, known as the wheels of life in traditional Indian and Ayurvedic medicine, we’ll explore and experience the different vibrations of your body’s energy centers through listening, visualizing, meditation, chanting, and postures.

*Engaged Chakra Workshop: Art, Sound and Taking it into your Asana Practice: In this introductory workshop we will experience an initiatory journey into the sacred centers of the self through the chakras. We will explore the theme of each chakra energy center, sometimes referred to as ‘currents of energy’ exploring the chakras through yoga asanas, mudras, sounding, breath, partner poses, meditation and art-making that support the health and balancing of each chakra center. Participants will gain an understanding and practice of deepening connection to the earth and each other as we explore the elements of earth, water, fire, love, light and liberation, reclaiming the body as a sacred temple, learning how each chakra center relates to grounding, creativity, personal power, expanding capacity for love and connection, opening communication and creativity, deepening inner vision and personal connection to the divine and the ability to re-align the body for greater health, inner freedom and joy.

*Radical Potential and Possibility: Working with compassionate action, yogic practice and awareness, we’ll explore the ‘still small voice within’, ‘dharma’, vocation and our present life’s calling to create and move into the next steps for ourselves. You will leave this session with an intention, direction and plan for compassionate movement in your life.

Twists: A practice for Vitality and Cleansing: Twist poses are one of the most beneficial asanas in the technology of yoga. When we rotate the physical body, we can re-awaken our digestive and nervous system while releasing emotions that no longer serve our wellness. In this workshop we explore the primary principles for twists, go through a full movement sequence and help restore the body/mind/spirit to its natural state of wellbeing, balance, radiance and vitality.

Dance for Health: Movement as Medicine: We know that dance and movement provide many health benefits, from ‘joy’ to releasing endorphins that strengthen the immune system, releasing serotonin the ‘wellness’ neurotransmitter, (note the work of somatic scientist Candice Pert), to increased cardiovascular function and psycho-spiritual well-being. Designed for all levels, this class introduces the healing practice of gentle movement, fluid motion and breath practice, moving into more dynamic movement, basic rhythms of salsa, merengue, cha cha, tango, lyrical movement and more. Unleash your expression and inspire your wellness within the pulse of moving and vibrant music.

*Transform Stress: Soothe Your Nerves: With all that we are faced with in the modern world, letting go of stress and embracing self care is one of the challenges to maintaining good health. Learn how stress affects your health, and how taking care of the self is your first step in maintaining good health. Through gentle asana practice we’ll explore how the nervous system is the web-like structure that ties the brain and spinal cord to every cell and organ in the body. Flight/fight mode is a skill to call on at times but our daily living can come from balance and centeredness.  Explore ways to soothe stress and as we explore breath, enter into forward folds, twists, soothing inversions and sound.

*Thai Yoga Massage: Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage is a partner practice which is a dynamic integration of yoga and Ayurveda originating in the temples of Thailand. Also called “Nuad Boran” the practitioner guides the receiver through a series of yoga postures while thumbing and palming on the body’s energy (“Sen”) lines and pressures points. Benefits include but are not limited to improving circulation, stimulating the immune system, relieving muscular tension/fatigue and helping the body restore its energetic balance.

*Circus Yoga: Circus Yoga integrates the attention and intention of yoga asana and breath practice with the joy of the elements of Circus. Circus Yoga involves partner work and is one way to become more present to one another. The practice of circus yoga, flying, partnering and gentle Thai Yoga massage invite us to share weight balance and support one another. We’ll explore different ways to support one another in asanas, connecting with grace and full presence. Participants will be introduced to mandala yoga, partner practice, elements of flying and acrobatics, group games and some basic circus skills, balancing, thai yoga massage  and more.

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Jewish Wisdom Traditions and Yogic Wisdom/Practice

Yogic and Jewish Wisdom Traditions: Practice, Chant and Liturgy

Spring Workshop, 2011(date tbd) exploring aspects of the Jewish Wisdom Traditions and the Kripalu Yoga Wisdom Tradition. Through yoga asana practice, pranyama, chanting, we’ll relate Yogic practice to teachings, prayers and chants from Jewish liturgy and the Zohar (Book of Splendor/Radiance). We’ll explore the relationship between these two wisdom traditions and paths of becoming more fully alive beings, bringing contemporary meaning and practice to these two traditions .

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High Falls Yoga Winter/Spring 2011

High Falls Yoga and Moving Arts Winter/Spring 2011 Schedule

Classes begin 1/23/11

Sundays: 9:30am-11:00am Gentle/Moderate Kripalu Yoga

Saturday: Once a month: 9:30am-11:00am Shabbatsana Gentle Kripalu Yoga/Shabbat Liturgy Chanting

Check blog for additional classes, upcoming events and workshops!

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Hello world!

Welcome to High Falls Yoga and Moving Arts:  Where the body’s wisdom is called forth through breath, presence, exploration, movement, yoga and  play.

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